SG Finance uses cookies * on its web pages, in order to optimize the websites for its users.

Based on the new legislation, Electronic Communications Act, July 1, 2013, SG Finans is required to provide users of our web pages with information about which cookies we use.

SG Finans uses cookies that intend to provide information to our analysis tools for us to be able to see how our web pages are used. Examples of such information are the number of visits and which web pages that are visited. This is not personal information, only number based. Additionally, information is provided to our Content Management System (CMS), EPiSERVER, a tool we use to customize the content of the website.

* Cookies are small files that are stored locally on the user's hard drive. The saved files do not allow access to personal information, but intend to remember how to use the website. The purpose is to better customize the website for your use, thus saving you time, for example, offering you to remember your username and password. Cookies can not be used to run programs or provide viruses, they can only be read by an internet server belonging to the domain (eg that stored cookies on your computer.

If you do not want cookies, you must do the settings yourself on your browser. Unless cookies are disabled, it will be considered as a confirmation that cookies from SG Finans are accepted.


SG Finance's access to processing personal data is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Personal Data Act, and we have therefore prepared supplementary privacy rules.

SG Finans's privacy policy is a supplement to the other terms and conditions we have entered into with our customers. This applies to all current and future service conditions.

Our privacy policy can be read here:
Data Privacy Statement - SG Finans AS
FAQ about GDPR

CEO GDPR Compliance Statement

Read more about the Personal Data Act -