For many companies, waiting for payments from customers can be a severe financial strain. With our solutions, the company gets a predictable access to capital, and it can significantly improve liquidity and room for maneuver.

Do you exploit the full potential of your business?

  • Do your business need stable access to financial funds?
  • Do you bill goods and services after shipment?
  • Do you experience that you have to pay your supplier before you receive settlement from your customer?

Then we can help you. For many companies, waiting for customer payments can be a tough financial burden. With our solutions, your business can have a predictable supply of funds, and you can significantly improve the liquidity and flexibility in your company.

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Client stories

Read about how other companies increased their liquidity and improved their workflow.

Norway's leading manufacturer of tailor-made suitcases and transport boxes, Rufo AS, talks about how Nordea Finance helped them achieve better liquidity.

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Factoring gave the engineering company
Head Energy better liquidity so that they
could grow without losing control of the customers.

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Benefits from factoring

Increased liquidity and reduced credit time through professional follow-up of receivables and customers are just some of the benefits you will get from choosing factoring. Below we have listed several other benefits.


  • Increased liquidity
  • Reduced credit time by means of professional follow-up of receivables and customers
  • Flexible operating credit that is adapted to growth and/or fluctuations in sales
  • Reduced interest costs and increased interest income
  • Reduced losses on claims

Export factoring

  • Permits sales in an open account
  • Very limited risk of loss
  • Credit insurance in cooperation with leading providers
    • Covers the risk that always exists, whether selling on the domestic market or abroad
    • Offered in most countries you are likely to trade with


  • Access to top competence and capacity at Nordea Finance
  • Reduced losses on claims
  • Reduced invoice administration costs
  • Credit monitoring/credit assessment
  • Payment service as an integral part of the factoring system


  • Releases internal resources to better serve the organisation's main objectives
  • Reduced credit times
  • Increased interest on overdue payment
  • Better control over payment flows
  • Access to the online webFactoring service

Questions and answers

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Is this Factoring? Arrow Down

Basically yes. But we have not chosen not to call it Factoring as it really is much more than that. Instead, we choose to talk about triggering the growth potential of your company.

How much does it cost? Arrow Down

The cost is made up of an administrative and a financial cost. The final cost will vary by volume and should always be competitive in relation to alternative solutions.

How can I become a customer? Arrow Down

Please leave your contact information further up on this page and we will contact you as soon as possible. Usually, we first meet with your company and review your financing needs and suggests services that can be apliccable. Then we set up an offer for you that you approve before we start the job of integration into your accounting system.

Why should I use factoring instead of regular financing? Arrow Down

In short terms, factoring provides a significantly higher level of financing without increasing costs.

Do I need to switch banks? Arrow Down

No, you can keep your existing bank connection.

Is this invoice financing? Arrow Down

We can either finance or purchase your invoices. If we buy the invoices, we take the risk of non-payment from your customers.

How will this affect the relationship with my customers? Arrow Down

Our solutions can help strengthen your customer relationship through increased flexibility and professional treatment.

Do I need to use factoring on all my customers? Arrow Down

No, it is possible to create solutions for parts of your customer base or large individual customers.

What is the benefit to my customers? Arrow Down

Factoring allows you to give your customers longer payment terms, without negatively affecting your liquidity.

Do you finance customers abroad? Arrow Down

We finance and follow up customers abroad. We handle all currencies and can also offer credit insurance.

How to become a customer

To become a customer in Nordea Finance is a swift process.

Contact us or one of our partnering banks for a chat about how we can help your business grow
Our local sales representative sets up a meeting with you to review your financing needs, relevant products and services. Based on that we will find the positive effect a factoring agreement will have on both the profitability and the liquidity of your company.
After you approve the offer and the credit approval of your business is OK, your IT vendor will customize your accounting system to send invoices and accounts receivable directly to us. Did you know that most accounting systems are already ready for this?

Our solutions

We have several solutions that can give your business a predictable access to capital and can significantly improve liquidity and flexibility.